Network solution

  •  Install and Implementation of Network


Computer networks can be used for various purposes:

  • Communication convenience: Using an intranet  network, people can easily communicate via E-mail, chat room, share files, instant messaging, call, video call, video conference and etc.
  • Sharing Hardware: In a networked environment, each client in the network can access and use hardware resources that are shared by others clients, such as printing a document by a shared printer.
  • Share file, data and information: in a networked environment, each allowed user can access to data and information, saved in other computers exist in network. Availability of data and information in a shared system  is one of the essential feature in the network.


  •  ITIC Services
  •  Sharing Software: Users who have connected to a network, can run existing applications on remote computers.
  • Setup and Support internal networks (LAN and WAN)
  • WAN network communications between different branches or offices of an organization, in order to set up distant communication of accounting systems, office automation, warehousing, CCTV and ....
  • Install antivirus and management console on the network
  • Monitoring and correcting software problems with no need of attendance of expert  in the organization (Virtual Support)

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IT Infrastructure Consulting (ITIC) is a global management consulting, technology services and infrastructure consulting around IT fields. ITIC performs web designing, programming, system maintenance and network consulting. ITIC is formed to provide better services for its customers and support for those who need help in any aspect of the computer world.  We know our clients want to solve problems and provide their demands at the first time and ITIC is the right choice to Make It Happen!

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