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Software Engineering is a career included computer science, other technologies and methods to create and maintain computer software.

 The main considerations in programming software are:

  •  Specified Requirements
  •  In specified Time
  •  Within specified amount of Budget


Software engineering production has beneficial value in the society and economic, by improving human ability and comforting their life style. Using software, people have potential to do whatever considered as impossible for human being. Some Examples of these applications are: Built-in systems, administrative software, computer game and internet.

Technologies and services of Software engineering assist users to improve the productivity and quality. Some samples of improvements are: database, languages, libraries, frameworks, processes and tools.

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IT Infrastructure Consulting (ITIC) is a global management consulting, technology services and infrastructure consulting around IT fields. ITIC performs web designing, programming, system maintenance and network consulting. ITIC is formed to provide better services for its customers and support for those who need help in any aspect of the computer world.  We know our clients want to solve problems and provide their demands at the first time and ITIC is the right choice to Make It Happen!

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